Stripsearch is:
• Josh Freese– drums
• Mike Elizondo – bass
• Michael Ward - guitar
• Jason Freese - sax

Josh Freese (A Perfect Circle, The Vandals) on drums, Michael Ward (Wallflowers) on guitar. and bass player Michael Elizondo (Dr. Dre, Eminem) combine to create percussion-driven, psychedelic, brain crushing sounds. Stripsearch detonate all instrumental tracks that are not for the musically faint of heart. Creating explosive soundscapes with dynamics that won't take "no" for an answer, the band travels on the same musical path as Tool and King Crimson's "Thrak".

Josh Freese has a high profile reputation with his work with A Perfect Circle and The Vandals, has been featured on the cover of Modern Drummer Magazine, and won a "Drummie" award from Drum! Magazine. Michael Ward was a member of the Wallflowers, appearing on their best selling album, "Bringing Down The Horse". Mike Elizondo supplied the fluid funky bass on most of the records Dr Dre produced, including all of Eminem's albums. Jason Freese is a part time member of the Vandals along with brother Josh.

On "Drum Nation Volume One, Josh performs a compostion named in honour of close friend, Chris Lagerborg.

“Lagerborg” - JOSH FREESE

I wrote this song for a performance that I did at Drum Day LA in December of 2001. It hadn't been recorded though until this particular project was brought to my attention. I thought it'd be perfect. It's sort of "prog-rock/new wave meets the Queens of the Stone Age" to me. It's urgent and frantic with that kind of knee-jerk odd time thing happening. Pushing forward nervously with the sense that it could fall apart at any given moment. It's in 11/8 for the most part with a few 4/4 parts thrown in for good measure. It's named after Chris Lagerborg who passed away right before I recorded it. He was one of my closest friends and a great drummer. He would've loved this song.....if no one else.....he would've dug it. - Josh Freese

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