Steve Walsh

Steve Walsh - vocals and keyboards
Trent Gardner - keyboards, trombone
Virgil Donati - drums
Page Waldrop - steel and acoustic guitar
Jim Robert - Hammond organ
Mike Slamer - guitar
Billy Greer - bass

Steve Walsh is one of America’s consummate vocal treasures; that status is assured. But he is also a man that is a true creator, an artist, a shaper of sounds and an almost literary, cinematic portrayer of life’s terrains. Walsh has seen many of these terrains, from vantage points above, below and perceptively within, and his ability to bring them to life for his listeners is a gift of sensory completeness. “Glossolalia”, the man’s first solo album in two decades, focuses years of hard-fought rock ‘n’ roll wisdom, creating a canvas that mirrors this ability to look at all strata and indeed all time, and make sense out of a life that can often be seen as surreal and meaningless.

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Steve Walsh - Glossolalia

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