Shadow Gallery
School Of The Arts:
• T Lavitz: Piano
• Dave Weckl: Drums & Percussion
• Frank Gambale: Acoustic Guitar
• Jerry Goodman: Violin (Tracks 2, 5, 8)
• John Patitucci: Acoustic & Electric Bass
• Steve Morse: AcousticGuitar (Tracks 3, 4)

Cutting-edge compositions, beautiful sinuous melodies, and massive chops make School of the Arts (SOTA) a truly rare confluence of influences and musical styles, pushing jazz and jazz-fusion into another dimension.

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Andy West with Rama: Rama 1

Tales From Yesterday - A Tribute To Yes

Working Man - A Tribute To Rush

Encores, Legends & Paradox - A Tribute To ELP

Oz Noy - Schizophrenic

Steve Morse

A southpaw from the south, he emerged with a masterful band called The Dixie Dregs. In no time, word of Steve Morse’s unique guitar style traveled this country and beyond. It was a style borne out of an unflinching commitment to excellence. His execution, awe-inspiring as much in his choice of notes as in the cleanliness of his delivery, became a benchmark for aspiring guitarists to heed.

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