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Turn Of The Wheel
Catalog #: MA-9007-2



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Turn Of The Wheel

01 – The Barrow Man
(mp3 or realaudio)

02 – Dunmore Lassies
(mp3 or realaudio)

03 – The Soul Cages
(mp3 or realaudio)

04 – Bogey's Bonnie Belle
(mp3 or realaudio)

05 – The Midnight Sun
(mp3 or realaudio)

06 – Winding Road

07 – Bondon Og Kraka
(mp3 or realaudio)

08 – For The Three Of Us
(mp3 or realaudio)

09 – Nine Points of Roguery
(mp3 or realaudio)

10 – Cat In The Corner
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Turn Of The Wheel
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Tour Dates

Released January 24, 1996

Tempest has released four earlier independent albums while touring incessantly in support of these recordings. Tempest's extensive live performances in clubs, concerts and festivals have built them a loyal following across the United States and Canada. The band's headline performance at the 1995 Philadelphia Fold Festival was the stuff from which legends are made.

Founding member Lief Sorbye was born and raised in Oslo, Norway. He formed Tempest after spending eight years touring and recording with the acoustic band, Golden Bough. Lief has also recorded two critically acclaimed solo albums. In addition to being Tempest's lead singer and flute player, Lief also plays his own trademark double-neck electric mandolin, and performs in Caliban.

Guitarist Rob Wullenjohn is from San Francisco and his musical style reflects that city's psychedelic rock influences. Drummer Adolfo Lazo hails from Cuba and his background adds texture and dimension to Tempest's brand of world music. Bass player Jay Nania is from New York and has toured with Anita Baker and Alice Cooper. Violinist Michael Mullen is from Fresno, California. His contributions to the group illustrate his love for traditional fiddle tunes. His versatile playing style and spirited stage presence further galvanize Tempest's high energy stage show.

Songs based on legends and folk tales make up much of the band's repertoire. Producer Robert Berry was able to define the band's live sound and translate it in a studio situation without losing the warmth and energy of Tempest live. Keith Emerson (of ELP) lends his atmospheric keyboards to the album's opening track, "The Barrow Man."


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