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Age Of Nemesis
Terra Incognita
Catalog #:MA-9088-2



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Terra Incognita

01 Tree Of Life

02 Meeting With The Unbelievable

03 The Land Of Light

04 The Street

05 Another Existence

06 Inner Fire

07 Inferno

08 Someone Must Take The Blame

09 Forgive Me My Foolish Crime

10 Why ?

11 Bleeding Moon

12 Plummeting Into Eternity
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Age Of Nemesis
Terra Incognita

”Terra Incognita” is Enhanced with a link for Bonus Video of the song “Tree Of Life”,
Bonus MP3s and Expanded CD Booklet. Available as a limited DigiPak in the USA

Age Of Nemesis is:
Zoltan Fabian - guitars, acoustic guitars
Gyorgy Nagy - keyboards
Zoltan Kiss - vocals
Csaba Berczelly - bass, acoustic guitars
Laszlo Nagy - drums

Age Of Nemesis began in their native Hungary in 1997. Over the years they have released a handful of CDs in their native language and played numerous concerts in Hungary, opening for the likes of Queensryche, Judas Priest and King’s X. Age of Nemesis takes its rightful place in a noble tradition. The band arises from a musical lineage that includes Iron Maiden, Rainbow, Whitesnake, Deep Purple, Dream Theater, Steve Morse, Steve Lukather, Keith Emerson, and Simon Phillips.

The concept for “Terra Incognita” is based on a fictional story by Age Of Nemesis guitarist, Zoltan Fabian. The story is as if we would read it from a dead girl's diary. The girl has no name; she could be anyone, or no one at all…

... That's life. A few minutes ago, she was still alive. After the fall, she's nothing … like a dead autumn leaf. At the foot of the house, the wind blows the pages of her blood-soaked diary. The book hit the ground together with the girl. This story starts where her life ended...

... We're all leaves on the tree of life
Spinning with the earth on the road to damnation...
Minute-leaves from the branches of days
Rustling, spinning in the wind
Taking us with them to a new wonderland...
I read your diary
So that you may live on in me...
And take me with you to a new wonderland...

“I imagined what would happen if someone would have a chance to see things in the afterlife. The girl was visited by an angel, who took her to the ‘Land Of Lights’; where human souls go after their earthly lives. She had a pact with the angel: she must keep in secret all the things that she felt and saw there. When she was back in her bed again, she couldn't keep the secret and she whispered all the things to her sleeping boyfriend, she thought, she didn’t break her oath in this way, because he didn't wake up. In the morning when they awoke, he told her about his 'strange dream' in which she had told him about the angel, and the hope of an afterlife. He was sure that his mission was to spread the word to all people about ‘The Land of Lights’. But people interpret faith in their own ways, sometimes for the worse, and all hell began breaking loose. I don't want to tell more about the story, but I think, everyone will find something in this story that is about the human selfishness, blind faith, the pain of helplessness, the pang of conscience...the pain if you lose someone. Not too happy, I know. People won't change, and I wanted to show the biggest faults of mankind through this story.”

“I had not set out to write a concept album at all. I had an idea for a 4-5 song concept again, just like “Psychogeist” was. But as I wrote newer and newer themes, I felt that it must be a whole concept album in the end. The other band members liked this idea and helped me out with some themes. After we recorded the Hungarian version of “Terra Incognita”, I gave all the lyrics to Peter Linka for translating. He is an Australian-Hungarian who worked on the translations of the “Eden?” and “Psychogeist” albums, as well. He is practically a band member. We wanted to make this story available to a wider audience, that's why we made the English translations after the Hungarian albums. Peter did a great job, I think the translation is perfect. Hungarian is a very difficult language and I always write lyrics in Hungarian. So, after he finished his work, we went back with vocalist Zoltan Kiss and we recorded the English lyrics. The music and the instruments are the same as they are on the Hungarian version of the album.”

“I workout the song arrangements and record everything at home before we start to work in the studio, so we just need to go and play the themes for recording.”



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