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  Cosmic Hug

Shadow Gallery
Shadow Gallery
Catalog #: MA-0002-2

Price: $14.98


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Shadow Gallery

01 – The Dancing Fools
(mp3 or realaudio)

02 – Darktown
(mp3 or realaudio)

03 – Mystified

04 – Questions of Hand
(mp3 or realaudio)

05 – The Final Hour
(mp3 or realaudio)

06 – Say Goodbye to the Morning
(mp3 or realaudio)

07 – The Queen of the City of Ice
(mp3 or realaudio)
  dividing line   Shadow Gallery
Shadow Gallery
Magna Carta Records MA-0002
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Brendt Allman: guitars, vocals

Mike Baker: lead vocals

Carl Cadden-James: bass, vocals, flute

Chris Ingles: piano, synthesizer

With Additional Performances by:

Ben Timely: Drums and Percussion

John Cooney: Additional Percussion

Ken Sloyer: Monologue on “The Queen Of The City Of Ice”

Rich Lewis McCorkel: Narrative on “The Queen Of The City Of Ice”

Lianne Himmelwright: Backing Vocals

SHADOW GALLERY (released Apr 1, 1992)


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