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Brendt Allman – guitars, vocals
Mike Baker – lead vocals
Carl Cadden-James – bass, vocals, flute
Chris Ingles – piano, synthesizer
Joe Nevolo – drums
Gary Wehrkamp – guitars, piano, synthesizer, vocals

Over the course of three great albums, Shadow Gallery have become one of the most beloved bands in progressive metal. In a field filled with sound-alikes, they have done something that few have managed to – they've created a sound that is clearly their own. There is absolutely no mistaking Shadow Gallery for anybody else.

Shadow Gallery is a band which thrives on challenges - and always have. Mike Baker and Carl Cadden-James paid their dues in the 1980's in the band Sorcerer, flawlessly pulling off cover songs that other bands wouldn't even touch – Malmsteen, Rush, and the like. The band was signed to Magna Carta in mid-1991 – they were only the second band to be signed by the label – and two years later, with the addition of guitarist/keyboardist Gary Wehrkamp, the lineup was in place. Shadow Gallery was born.

1993's self-titled debut resonated within a community which was just beginning to discover itself; the progressive underground was starting to connect, driven by artists like Shadow Gallery and Magellan. By the time 1995's Carved in Stone rolled around, that underground had discovered that great progressive music was still being made. The album was an enormous critical success; its epic sound and movie-like structure won the hearts and minds of intelligent metal fans everywhere.

In 1998, the band released Tyranny, a full-on concept album that was their most ambitious stroke to date. Hailed by power prog fans around the world as a masterpiece, Tyranny took the band to new creative heights – and left fans eager to hear what they would accomplish next.

Finally a new album is here, and like every disc before it, Legacy takes the signature sound of Shadow Gallery a step forward.

The hallmarks of the Shadow Gallery sound are present in full force on Legacy, and more impressive than ever: gorgeous piano-centric compositions, larger-than-life vocal harmonies, melodies that resonate in your head after first listen, and that lush, lovely, clean audiophile production that this band is so well known for. This album will make you want to buy those big, expensive speakers you've been wanting for so long.

All of the elements are in place on Legacy: rich and adventurous songwriting, adept musicianship, challenging melodies and invigorating choruses. In short, it's everything that you love about progressive metal, done with style and elegance to spare.

Shadow Gallery

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Shadow Gallery

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