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Royal Hunt
Double Live In Japan
Catalog #: MA-9037-2



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Live In Japan

01 Flight

02 1348

03 Wasted Time

04 Stay Down

05 On The Run

06 Running Wild

07 Epilogue

08 Age Gone Wild

09 Kingdom Dark

10 Ave Maria Guarrani

11 The Awakening

12 River Of Pain

13 Tearing Down the World

14 Message to God

15 Long Way Home

16 Time Will Tell

17 Silent Scream

18 It's Over

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Royal Hunt
Double Live In Japan

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(released Jul 27, 1997)

Andre Andersen: Keyboards & Guitars
D.C. Cooper: Lead & Backing Vocals
Jacob Kjaer: Guitars
Steen Mogensen: Bass
Kenneth Olsen - drums (disc one)
Alan Sorensen - drums (disc two)
Additional Musicians:
Maria McTurk, Lise Hansen: backing vocals

Disc One:

Recorded at Gotanda U-Port, Kaninhoken Hall, Tokyo and
IMP Hall, Osaka, Japan May 31 and June 4, 1996

Disc Two:

Recorded at Akasaka Blitz, Tokyo, Japan October 6, 1997

Royal Hunt’s “Double Live In Japan” is a compilation drawn from two different live albums. The first disc in the set features highlights from “1996 Live”, from the “Moving Target” tour. This was the first tour with D.C. Cooper on lead vocals, with material from the first three Royal Hunt albums. Selections from “Moving Target”, D.C.’s vocal debut; and the first recorded versions of D.C. singing material from “Land Of Broken Hearts” and“Clown In The Mirror”. The second disc is the entire “Closing The Chapter”album, which was a very limited edition, version of the “Paradox” live stage show.

The core of the music is provided by composer and keyboard wizard Andre Andersen. By combining his classical background with a love of hard rock, Andre creates a dynamic range of melodic progressive metal. Steen Mogensen also comes from a classical background in addition to adding his vast experience playing bass with a number of Scandinavian hard rock bands. Jacob Kjoer, one of the best session guitarists in Denmark, has been with the band ever since he was asked to play on one of the group’s early recording sessions. D.C. Cooper (the American connection in the group, from Pittsburgh PA) rounds out the quartet with his powerful vocal and performing skills.

In the live setting Royal Hunt bring an incredible energy to their material, feeding off the appreciative Japanese fans who fill stadiums to witness the spectacle of a full blown stage show. The electricity of the event is captured on these two different tours, and presented for the first time to American fans.

Royal Hunt is something of a phenomenon because they have established themselves as legitimate “stars” in global markets outside of America. In Japan, they are recognized as a major act and their reputation is growing quickly throughout Europe. Now, America gets exposed to the music that has sold almost a million copies worldwide.

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