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Royal Hunt
"Collision Course" (Paradox 2)
Catalog #: MA-9096-2
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Collision Course

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dividing line

Royal Hunt:
"Collision Course" (Paradox II)

6 Panel DigiPak package in the USA

1. Principles of Paradox (5:42)
2. The First Rock (4:47)
3. Exit Wound (6:29)
4. Divide and Reign (5:25)
5. High Noon at The Battlefield (3:57)
6. The Clan (4:39)
7. Blood in Blood out (6:04)
8. Tears of The Sun (6:00)
9. Hostile Breed (5:07)
10. Chaos A.C. (3:25)

Royal Hunt is:
Andre Andersen - Keyboards and Guitars
Mark Boals - Lead Vocals
Marcus Jidell - Guitars and Cello
Allan Sorensen - Drums and Percussion
Per Schelander - Bass

with help from
Ian Parry - Additional Vocals
Doogie White - Additional Vocals
Kenny Lubcke - Additional Vocals
Henrik Brockmann - Additional Vocals
Maria McTurk - Additional Vocals
Soma Allpass - Additional Vocals and Cello
Michelle Raitzin - Additional Vocals
Patricia Skovgaard - Violin
Erik Rosenqvist - Woodwinds and Accordion

Denmark-based progressive hard rock band’s new album, "Collision Course - Paradox II", a conceptual follow-up to the original “Paradox” – this time concentrating on a “collision course” between the ways of the modern Western world and a new breed of culture grown on Eastern religious movements. Musically you’ll have it all – huge epics, intricate progressive arrangements, metallic power, with killer melodies….

This album marks the recorded debut with the band of new vocalist Mark Boals, who has previously played with Yngwie Malmsteen’s Rising Force and Ring Of Fire. Marcus Jidell returns on electric guitar, along with drummer Allan Sorensen and bassist Per Schelander.

“Collision Course: Paradox II” is available on Magna Carta in a limited 6 panel digipak design.

View a PDF version of the lyrics to “Collision Course”.

Watch an interview with Andre Andersen on the making of “Collision Course”.

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