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"Progressive" should mean just that: Progress. Newness. Adventurousness and fearlessness. Andy West plays progressive music, no question, but he takes it  where even the most open minded of us hesitate to go. The former Dixie Dregs bassist needs a new term coined for what he does. 
"Eclectigressive," maybe. Or in Andy's case, "eclectagressive" is more apt.       

He's been in and out of the Dregs; he's played with experimental guitarist Henry Kaiser's Crazy Backwards Alphabet; he's recorded with Steve Morse, Vinnie Moore, and Paul Barrère; he's a cofounder of Zazen, a new-age instrumental band that released over a dozen albums; he collaborated with Henry Kaiser, guitarist Mike Keneally, and drummer Prairie Prince to form The Mistakes, whose self-titled CD offered a level of improvisation rarely heard since the heyday of Charlie Parker; and he and former Zazen guitarist Joaquin Lievano recently got back together under the uncapitalized moniker fwap. And now, with the release of RAMA 1, West is a solo artist too.

Click here to read more about Andy's new CD, RAMA 1.

Andy West