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Terry Bozzio
Prime Cuts
Catalog #: MA-1001-2



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Prime Cuts

01 Sick Jazz Surgery

02 Dangerous

03 Dreaming In Titanium

04 Last Call

05 Walking Dream

06 A Glimpse Into A Deeply Disturbed Mind

07 Edge Of A Circle

08 Melt

BONUS Gigantipithicus

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Prime Cuts
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Features a brand new solo track and a previously unreleased song from the sessions for "Black Light Syndrome". Bonus Video: 15 minute Interview with Terry Bozzio included as Computer Interactive Section of this CD, discussing his start as a drummer, his audition with Frank Zappa and beyond. Bonus MP3: “Gigantipithicus” (excerpt) from Explorers Club - “Raising The Mammoth”

1) “Sick Jazz Surgery” – 10:32 – Artist: Terry Bozzio
Terry Bozzio: Drums, Keyboards, Voice. Brand New Recording.

2) “Dangerous” – 6:40 – Artist: Bozzio Levin Stevens – Album: Situation Dangerous
Terry Bozzio: Drums; Tony Levin: Basses and Stick; Steve Stevens: Guitars.

3) “Dreaming In Titanium” – 4:10 – Artist: Jordan Rudess – Album: Feeding The Wheel
-Terry Bozzio: All Drums and Percussion; Jordan Rudess: All Keyboards; Eugene Friesen: Cello and Voice.

4) “Last Call” – 11:10 – Artist: Explorers Club – Album: Age Of Impact -
Terry Bozzio: Drums; Billy Sheehan: Bass; Trent Gardner: Keyboards and Vocals; Wayne Gardner: Guitar; John Petrucci: Guitar Solos; James Murphy: Guitar Solos; Matt Guillory: Keyboard Solo; James LaBrie: Lead Vocals.

5) “Walking Dream” – 2:03 – Unreleased Track – Artist: Bozzio Levin Stevens – Black Light Syndrome Sessions
- Terry Bozzio: Drums; Tony Levin: Bass.

6) “A Glimpse Into A Deeply Disturbed Mind” – 8:47 – Artist: Terry Bozzio– Album: Drum Nation Volume One
–Terry Bozzio: Drums, Keyboards, Voice, Reason and Ableton “Live” Sequencing Software.

7) “Edge Of A Circle” – 5:16 – Artist: Terry Bozzio and Billy Sheehan– Album: Nine Short Films
-Terry Bozzio: Drums, Vocals, lyrics, keyboards and percussion; Billy Sheehan: Basses, Baritone Guitars, Lead Guitar Solo.

8) “Melt” – 3:40 – Artist: Vapourspace Remix of Bozzio Levin Stevens; Album: Sonic Residue From Vapourspace
Remixed and Produced by Mark Gage in Vapourspace – Terry Bozzio: Drums; Tony Levin: Basses and Stick; Steve Stevens: Guitars.

Bonus MP3: “Gigantipithicus” (excerpt) from Explorers Club - “Raising The Mammoth”

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