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Released Sept 23, 1997

Driven by grandiose keyboards and searing guitars, Royal Hunt's Paradox has enough musical twists and turns to keep the listener glued to their headphones. The influences are numerous as rock and classical footnotes merge in the undertow. This incredibly mature album can be appreciated by the music lover and the musician alike.

Although Paradox is the band's fifth release, it is their first album to see widespread distribution in the US. Royal Hunt is something of a phenomenon because they have established themselves as legitimate "stars" in global markets outside of America. In Japan, they are recognized as a major act and their reputation is growing quickly throughout Europe. Now, America gets exposed to the music that has sold almost a million copies worldwide.

A true international group, most of Royal Hunt is Danish, while the lead vocalist, D.C. Cooper, is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The core of the music is provided by composer and keyboard wizard Andre Andersen. By combining his classical background with a love of hard rock, Andre creates a dynamic range of melodic progressive metal. It was while growing up in Moscow that Andersen (who is of true royal descendence) began to play piano, at the age of five. By the time he was fourteen his passion for Rock'n'roll had begun to take over. At this time rock was outlawed in Russia, so it was in the underground music scene where Andre cut his musical teeth. He moved to Denmark by 1991, meeting up with some of the finest Scandinavian hard rock musicians, who were to become Royal Hunt.

Steen Mogensen also comes from a classical background in addition to adding his vast experience playing bass with a number of Scandinavian hard rock bands. Jacob Kjoer, one of the best session guitarists in Denmark, has been with the band ever since he was asked to play on one of the group's early recording sessions. D.C. Cooper, the American connection in the group, rounds out the quartet with his powerful vocal and performing skills.

The band is joined by drummer extraordinare Allan Sorensen, who came on board after an extensive search following the 1996 tour.

These five musicians pull together Andre's deeply personal look into mankind's view of what God is. Follow man's acknowledgment of God in a journey through the ages. How we see God, how we praise God, how we blame God.

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Catalog # : MA-9017-2
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