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Oz Noy
Catalog #: MT-2308-2



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Oz Noy HA!

01 Chillin

02 Sit Tight

03 Haa!

04 Say What?!

05 What Love Is

06 Hey You

07 Downside Up

08 Blue Monk

09 Hit Me

10 I Can't Make You Love Me

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dividing line Oz Noy

Oz Noy - guitar
Anton Fig - drums
Keith Carlock - drums
Will Lee - bass
James Genus - bass
George Whitty - keys
Mike Stern - guitar

01) Chillin'
02) Sit Tight
03) Haa!
04) Say What?!
05) What Love Is
06) Hey You
07) Downside Up
08) Blue Monk
09) Hit Me
10) I Can't Make You Love Me

Oz Noy is a guitar player from Israel, who started his professional career at the age of 13 playing jazz, blues, pop and rock music. At age 16 he was already playing with leading Israeli musicians and performers, and at age 24 he was one of the most established studio guitar players in the country, and played on numerous records. He was also a member of the house band of Israel's top rated Television show for more than two years.

Since his arrival to New York in 1996 he has made a big impact on the local music scene with his unique sound, compositions and style, bringing a mixture of pop, rock, blues, funk, and jazz, into a cohesive and intoxicating groove.

Oz has performed, toured and recorded with well established artists such as Richard Bona, Chris Botti, Mike Clark, Jeff 'Tain" Watts, Harry Bellefonte, Toni Braxton, Phoebe Snow, Gavin Degraw ,The Barrio boys, as well as some of the new names in the pop and rock scene; Wendy Starland, Marly Hornik, Amo, Colby prior... to name a few.

He played on numerous commercials and movie soundtracks like 'Auto Focus' and 'Undefeated' (HBO) with Angelo Badeomenti; 'Queer as Folk' (HBO)....

Oz Noy's "Ha!" includes drummers Anton Fig, Keith Carlock, and bassists Will Lee and James Genus, and guest guitarist Mike Stern (Billy Cobham, Miles Davis) and keyboardist George Whitty (Brecker Brothers).


"Oz is a fantastic guitar of the best I've ever seen...he's just too good!"
-Mike Stern

"Oz is to guitar what Jaco was to bass!"
- Will Lee

"Oz is a brash, innovative guitar player. He knows the music inside out but takes it to a different place visionaries can only dream of!"
- Mike Clark

" Oz is a truly amazing guitarist! He is blazing new trails in sonic textures, voicings, fingerings, and "cross platform" improvisation. He is a welcome fresh voice on the instrument for the new century and beyond!"
-Chuck Loeb

"Oz brings startling innovation to the guitar with a command of the instrument rarely encountered... he is the future of the guitar. He plays his #@! off!"
-Chris Botti

"Playing with Oz is an intense and exciting experience...he pushes the envelope so far I have to sit on the edge of my drum seat ...he is a gifted and unique guitarist with his own sound and style.
- Anton Fig

"Oz is one of the most creative guitar players on the scene today... he is blowing people away with his unique style and compositions. He has his own vocabulary from some other planet which keeps things new, interesting and very unpredictable-you gotta check this guy out!"
-Keith Carlock

"Oz is just demented enough to give these songs that unexpected twist to make them really interesting...and the band is just sick enough to pull it off."
-Jeff Golub

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