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Jordan Rudess
The Road Home
Catalog #: MA-9092

Available Sept 12th


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The Road Home

1 Dance On A Volcano

2 Sound Chaser

3 Just The Same

4 JR Piano Medley

5 Piece Of The Pii

6 Tarkus

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Jordan Rudess:
The Road Home

Earmarked for a brilliant career as a classical pianist, Rudess was seduced by prog rock’s siren song and found his musical identity. “I remember hearing Gentle Giant’s Free Hand for the first time,” says an über-exuberant Rudess. “I totally, absolutely got into the song ‘Just the Same’. It is kind of like an anthem for me -- a song of freedom and personal rebellion.”

With his new solo record, The Road Home, the synth/piano giant dives headlong into a canon of music that inspired joyous upheaval and unprecedented creative discovery in his life. “I felt recording songs that were meaningful to me then – and now -- would be fun and challenging at the same time,” Rudess says. “[Prog] changed my life, for sure, and took me off the purely classical path and firmly committed me to this other road of discovery.”

Rudess’ willingness to stretch the boundaries of technique and explore sonic textures in a variety of expansive compositions has made the former classical pianist the heir apparent to an elite prog-rock keyboard monarchy endowed with such superior stock as Keith Emerson, Rick Wakeman, Patrick Moraz, and Tony Banks.

The Road Home is both homage and crowning achievement in prog rock’s great exploratory tradition. Just as Emerson rearranged Tchaikovsky, Rodrigo, Janacek, Copland, Mussorgsky and “Lux” Lewis, Rudess decodes established classics while sculpting his own distinctive style.

With the help of today’s leading prog talents (including friend/musical partner, Dixie Dregs drummer Rod Morgenstein), Rudess re-envisions Genesis’ 1976 jolting, jiggery-pokery gem “Dance on a Volcano” (with former Spock’s Beard frontman Neal Morse on vocals); ELP’s apocalyptic epic “Tarkus” (featuring Kip Winger and Porcupine Tree’s Steven Wilson); Yes’ fusion-esque, Minimoog/electric piano extravaganza “Sound Chaser” (from the oft-overlooked Relayer record); and the aforementioned “Just the Same.”

As the kicker, a seamless piano medley fuses bits of the Jon Anderson vocal showpiece “Soon”, Crimson’s gentle, supernatural  “I Talk to the Wind” (with vocals by Rudess), Yes’ “And You And I”, and Genesis’ sprawling “Supper’s Ready.”

Don’t be fooled. The Road Home is not a ham-handedly mashed together tribute record: it’s a genuine product of personal inspiration. “I wanted to play the right pieces and play the parts that I felt were really important to the composition,” says Rudess, who penned the original “A Piece of the π” for The Road Home. “I also added my own sections that aren’t there at all [in the original songs]. So there is a lot of originality even within these new arrangements.”

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