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Lemur Voice recorded its high quality progressive metal album Insights in Holland, which is also the home base for this exciting new band. Having been known as "Aura" for several years, the name, Lemur Voice, was selected to avoid confusion with other bands. But no confusion exists when it comes to recognizing a mature band with highly developed writing and performing skills.

First class performances from vocalist Gregoor van der Loo and guitarist Marcel Coenen allow Lemur Voice to produce a highly sophisticated and rich sounding album. Nathan van de Wouw whose ability on the drums is obvious in leading the band through its complex arrangements. Nathan is also responsible for writing the thoughtful lyrics Lemur Voice features throughout their debut recording. Barend Tromp plays rock solid, melodic bass lines while Franck Faber contributes lush keyboard textures.

Lemur Voice hopes to take advantage of their European location and build a fan base around live appearances. They will then begin the process of touring Japan and the U.S. where they feel an audience hungry for the type of music they make exists in great numbers.

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Lemur Voice

Catalog # : MA-9015-2
Price : $16.98

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