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  Supper's Ready

Supper's Ready
A Genesis Tribute
Catalog #: MA-9004-2

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Supper's Ready

01 Watcher Of The Skies

02 Firth Of Fifth

03 Undertow

04 Ripples

05 Back In N.Y.C.

06 For Absent Friends

07 Mama

08 Man Of Our Times

09 Many Too Many

10 Entangled

11 Squonk

12 I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)

13 Carpet Crawlers

14 Keep It Dark

  dividing line   Supper's Ready
A Tribute To Genesis

Supper's Ready The story of the band, Genesis, has taken almost three decades to unfold. From the earliest, struggling days in England to their commercial breakthrough mid-period (post- Peter Gabriel) to their pop and dance hits of their later years, Genesis have always created a stir. Yet, it is the first half of this band's career that most of their fans care about. Genesis created something new stylistically and musically. It wasn't until the late1970's that most of the world would pay attention. Genesis music from that period is revered because of its complexity and musicality. It sounded unusual and intricate compared to other music of that time but it had such great melodies and compelling rhythms that even the most left-field songs became favorites of the musically aware.

1995 marks 20 years since Peter Gabriel left the band. Today, we have a new generation of musicians who have cut their musical teeth on early Genesis. Magna Carta felt that bringing together the older music and the newer musicians would make a great package for fans of this important band. Many of the artists included on "Supper's Ready..." are cult artists with devoted followings. These are all artists who currently travel the same musical terrain that Genesis explored so long ago. The fan base for Genesis is unique in composition. The fans know that there is no possibility that their beloved band will re-form to create the music that is remembered so fondly. Yet, a collection of music such as "Supper's Ready..." can give the fans "new" music of another type to digest...reinterpretations by credible artists. Arguments can go on for years about Peter versus Phil, etc., etc.. The bottom line is that the songs are timeless and deserve to be heard again. So, wash your hands and faces..."Supper's Ready".

Who Are the Performers?
Watcher Of The Skies
Performed By Robert Berry and Hush
Robert Berry Vocals, Bass and Rhythm Guitar
Paul Keller Lead Guitar
Mike Wible Keyboards
Roger Bonasera Drums
Gene Perrault Percussion

Firth Of Fifth
Performed By Over The Garden Wall

Undertow Performed By David Hentschel with Jay Tausig

Performed By Annie Haslam
Annie Haslam Lead and Background Vocals
David A Biglin Arrangements, Instrumentation, Background Vocals

Back In N.Y.C.
Performed By Kevin Gilbert
Kevin Gilbert Vox, Guitars, Bass, Keys, Cellos, Recorders
Nick D'Virgilio Drums, Backing Vox
Mike Keneally Guitars, Kalimba, Bell Piano, Recorder
Toby Holmes Trombone Solo

For Absent Friends Performed By Richard Sinclair
Richard Sinclair Vocals
David Rees-Williams Piano, Harpsichord, Keyboards

Mama Performed By Magellan
Trent Gardner Vocals and Keyboards
Wayne Gardner Guitars and Taurus Pedals
Roger Patterson Drums and Percussion

Man Of Our Times
Performed By Enchant
Douglas Ott Guitar and Keys
Paul Craddick Drums
Ted Leonard Vocals
Ed Platt Bass

Many Too Many
Performed By Pete Bardens "Mirage"
Pete Bardens Keyboards
Nick D'Virgilio Drums and Lead Vocals
Stevie Adams Guitars
Desha Dunnahoe Bass

Performed By Shadow Gallery
Mike Baker Vocals
Carl Cadden-James Backing Vocals
Brendt Allman Guitars
Gary Wehrkamp Guitars
Chris Ingles Piano

Performed By Cairo
Mark Robertson Keyboards
Jeff Brockman Drums
Alec Fuhrman Guitars
Bret Douglas Lead Vocals
Rob Fordyce Bass

I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)
Performed By Crack The Sky
John Palumbo Keyboards, Guitars, Lead Vocals
Ian Palumbo Guitars, Backing Vocals
Tim Deaner Backing Vocals
Dr Maurice Hayes Narration

Carpet Crawlers
Performed By John Goodsall with Michael Zentner
John Goodsall Guitar
Michael Zentner Vocals
Tommy Mars Keyboards
Tos Panos Drums
Jeff Berlin Bass
Ty Parr Backing Vocals
Susan Willett Backing Vocals

Keep It Dark
Performed By World Trade
Billy Sherwood Bass, Guitar, Keyboards and Vocals
Jay Schellen Drums

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