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Elements of Anger
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Released Oct 18, 1998

The world seems well once again when favorite, forgotten, but not forsaken thrashers emerge from the woodwork to let 'er rip one more time, getting together for a few beers, reforming and rediscovering what brought them together as kids years ago after hearing their first Metallica and Venom and Slayer albums.

Such is the case with Sadus. Formed in 1984 to play a high school gig (which never happened because they all managed to get expelled!), Sadus (name derived from Frank Herbert's Dune series) worked their way through the hot, Califried hotbed of their small hometown, competing with the likes of Autopsy, Hexx, Death Angel, and, of course, Death. More on that later.

Wielding a compressed, fast, tight and frenetic thrash sound frighteningly built for the underground; guitarist/vocalist Darren Travis, drummer John Allen, bassist Steve DiGiorgio and guitarist Rob Moore followed the usual demo and compilation route until releasing and enthusiastically marketing their indie grail Illusions, produced by Metal Church's John Marshall, launched to an extensive fanzine-fueled network in late 1988.

Selling an astonishing 7000 copies resulted in interest from Roadrunner, who picked up the band for the seminal Swallowed In Black debut in 1990, which DiGiorgio described as "still Slayer at 78 RPM, but more experimental." Tours with label-buds Obituary and Sepultura (as the SOS bill) raised interest in the band's frantic collision of speed, punk and chops, prompting the re-release of their debut under the moniker Chemical Exposure, which also made sense, given the underground exposure due to DiGiorgio working on the side with highly respected technical thrash machine Death.

Next up was 1993's A Vision Of Misery which found Travis honing and harnessing his vocal attack, the band exploring far-flung progressive thrash terrain, while remaining cognizant of their retro roots. DiGiorgio in particular stood out, assuming a Steve Harris-like texture and sound, taking the band into new realms of distinction.

Following this record is an anti-climactic period of drift. Having psychologically lost DiGiorgio to Death (who was away a whole year, recording and touring Individual Thought Patterns), the band idled, during which time Rob Moore leaves. Once DiGiorgio had returned to the band, a period of reconditioning ensued, consisting of demos and live gigs, after which preparations were made for the record you have in your hands now, the esteemed Elements Of Anger.

Recorded in conjunction with the legendary Scott Burns (in Richmond, CA, well away from Scott's usual Florida turf), Elements Of Anger contains a drier, heftier death metal-ravaged sound, the band locking into less hyper, more confident grooves, while texturizing and tenderizing the tracks with quixotic, looped keyboard shadings. As a result, tracks like Crutch, Safety In Numbers and the percussively punishing Unreality take on a majestic, atmospheric vibe, perfect foils for much of the rest, which is seminal Sadus, technical, effortlessly proficient, laced with odd time signatures, power-chorded to the max.

And above all, Burns has delivered the power trio's heaviest recording ever, marbling the band' penchant for wizard-like speed with true metal crunch, never allowing potential clutter borne of chemical chops to overwhelm the spatial sense of headbanged groove. Satisfaction is immediate and deep appreciation awaits those who wish to ponder the intellectual musicality.

Indeed one of the most respected institutions of underground thrash is back after a five year sabbatical, offering the advancements one would expect from half a decade of woodshedding. Respected players all, Sadus have not forsaken the youthful brutality that prompted their deafening formation as shiftless high school kids fourteen long years ago.

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Elements of Anger

Catalog # : FLX-8001
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