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Dave Martone
Catalog #: MA-9097


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1 The Good Squeegie Song

2 Nail Grinder

3 Bossa Dorado

4 Dinky Pinky

5 Coming Clean

6 Hard Wired

7 If I Was A Piano

8 Moron Face

9 Turn On The Heater

10 Angel Fish

11 Fading Into Change

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Dave Martone:

Guests: Joe Satriani, Greg Howe, Billy Sheehan, Daniel Adair (Nickelback)

Special Digipak Edition

Featured in “Guitar One Magazine” Jan 2008 issue as one of the top 4 underground shredders in North America

1. The Goodie Squeegie Song
2. Nail Grinder
3. Bossa Dorado
4. Dinky Pinky
5. Coming Clean
6. Hard Wired
7. If I Was A Piano
8. Moron Face
9. Turn On The Heater
10. Angel Fish
11. Fading Into Change


Martone . . . visiting what the future of guitar music would sound like.

If you thought that Canadian rock started and ended with Rush, Saga or Triumph, think again. Canadian guitar virtuoso, Dave Martone is a force to be reckoned with.

“I wanted the album to be playable by a 3 piece band, while not relying heavily on studio production techniques. I wanted more of a 4 on the floor vibe, with very strong melodies, and a more organic texture of sounds.”

All songs have Daniel Adair of Nickelback laying down the drum duties. "Nail Grinder" features a blistering solo from none other than Joe Satriani. "Hard Wired" features an amazing solo from Greg Howe. For "Dinky Pinky", Martone wanted a bass player that would kick hard. Billy Sheehan was, of course, the logical choice and he lays down an incredible performance. "Moron Face" i s a heavy riff tune with Jennifer Batten guest soloing.

Cover of Canadian music magazine “Muzik Etc” of Jan/Feb 2008 issue.

Featured in “Guitar One Magazine” Jan 2008 issue as one of the top 4 underground shredders in North America.

Guitars on the Jet Black Stare album (Island Def Jam), released July 15 2008.

Recent tour with Digitech on the Digitruck throughout the South West USA.

Guitar videos with Joe Satriani at the Plant recording studio in San Francisco for “Workshop Live” in March 2008.

Master classes and clinics with The National Guitar Workshop throughout the USA

Master classes and clinics at Berklee College of Music in Boston.

Canadian tour for Vox amps in the works for Oct 2008 throug h Erickson Music.

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