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  Cosmic Hug

Shadow Gallery
Carved In Stone
Catalog #: MA-9001-2

Price: $14.98


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Carved In Stone

01 – Cliffhanger
mp3 or realaudio)

02 – Crystalline Dream

03 – Don't Ever Cry, Just Remember (mp3 or realaudio)

04 – Warcry

05 – Celtic Princess (
mp3 or realaudio)

06 – Alaska
(mp3 or realaudio)

07 – Ghost Ship
(mp3 or realaudio)
  dividing line   Shadow Gallery
Carved In Stone
Magna Carta Records MA-9001
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Carved In Stone (released July 7, 1995)

Shadow Gallery
's second album, Carved In Stone, took over a year to record. During that time period, numerous factors threatened to get in the way of the band doing what they do best... making incredibly well-produced, progressive metal music. But the Pennsylvania-based band overcame a variety of obstacles because of their strong work ethic and pride in their art.

New members were added to the already established line-up of Carl Cadden-James (bass), Mike Baker (vocals), Brendt Allman (guitar) and Chris Ingles (keyboards). Gary Wehrkamp was enlisted to contribute his considerable multi-instrumental talents on guitar and keyboards. Kevin Soffera, an accomplished music industry veteran, was added on drums. Both new members were solid contributors to Carved In Stone.

As with the band's debut album, Shadow Gallery in '92 (the first US release was issued 12/96), Carl Cadden-James is back at the controls as the primary producer for Carved In Stone. With an amazing display of recording studio know-how, Carl and the band have created an album of power and subtlety. The versatile, soaring vocals of Mike Baker are contrasted against the bone-crunching instrumental work of the band. Chris Ingles plays ripping keyboard passages while the dual guitar work of Brendt Allman and Gary Wehrkamp combines precision and passion. Wehrkamp also displays great prowess on keyboards. Kevin Soffera performs complicated musical passages with ease yet, he has the musical ability to use a sensitive and dynamic approach to the music. And while his many other duties seem to get all the attention, Carl Cadden-James' bass work is second to no one.

Prognosis magazine calls Shadow Gallery's second album "the best album Dream Theater and Queensryche never made". With classics-to-be such as "CliffHanger", "Alaska" and the epic "Ghostship", Carved In Stone promises to be a recording that will remain in disk players all over the world for years to come. The haunting lyrical images combined with world-class musicianship and raw power prove that Shadow Gallery has the potential to appeal to large segments of disenfranchised music listeners. Shadow Gallery fills a void in the music world today and plays in a style that is loved by many but played by few. The band is not afraid to proclaim its musical heritage from Queen and Rush to Tull and Dream Theater. Shadow Gallery has the youth and energy to create vibrant, powerful music but has not been spoiled by the music business and the never ending quest to squelch artists' creativity in favor of profit. Shadow Gallery is a band for the future. Shadow Gallery is destined to have its name "Carved In Stone" in the history of progressive rock.

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