Jordan Rudess "The Road Home"
Jordan Rudess – “The Road Home”
Dream Theater’s keyboard player and, without argument, rock’s premier keyboardist

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Magna Carta Guitar Greats Medley
Alex Skolnick Trio
"Mercury Retrograde"
"Bad News"
Age Of Nemesis
"Tree Of Life
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Alex SKolnick Trio
'Mercury Retrograde'
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"Question of Honour

Ozric Tentacles
Chewier (Live)

Age Of Nemesis
Tree Of Life

Michael Lee Firkins - In the Studio; In Progress - Brand New iTunes EP

Alex Skolnick Trio - Mercury Retrograde - EP - iTunes Exclusive Tracks

Magna Carta Guitar Greats Vol. 1 review:

Alex Skolnick Interview

dUg Pinnick – “Strum Sum Up”

dUg Pinnick
“Strum Sum Up”
Magna Carta MA-9094

King’s X bassist/vocalist’s newest solo album.

dUg Pinnick (King’s X, Poundhound), metal music’s very own Sly Stone, finds inner peace through his visceral, loose, jam-heavy new solo effort, “Strum Sum Up”. Like a slice of Pinnick’s raw essence, “Strum Sum Up” is so free, so instinctual; it’s Pinnick, as you’ve never heard him before. This raw, wah-wah-injected groove machine is powered by the stellar talents of Wally Farkas of Galactic Cowboys fame, Army of Anyone’s Ray Luzier, Billy Idol’s guitar wizard Steve Stevens, Hal Sparks, 11’s Alain Johannes, Kellii Scott, David Henning, and Pinnick himself (on guitar).

“It’s the realest thing I’ve ever done,” Pinnick says.

But don’t take our – or Pinnick’s – word for it. Give “Strum Sum Up” a spin and let its explosive, groundbreaking songs hit you like a ton of musical dynamite.

* November 20th in the USA and Europe
* Featuring Guitarist Walter “Wally” Farkas of Galactic Cowboys
* With help from Billy Idol’s guitar wizard Steve Stevens (on “Damn It”)
* With Army of Anyone’s drummer Ray Luzier (on “Hostile World”)
* Limited DigiPak


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