Jordan Rudess "The Road Home"
Jordan Rudess – “The Road Home”
Dream Theater’s keyboard player and, without argument, rock’s premier keyboardist

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Magna Carta Guitar Greats Medley
Alex Skolnick Trio
"Mercury Retrograde"
"Bad News"
Age Of Nemesis
"Tree Of Life
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Alex SKolnick Trio
'Mercury Retrograde'
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"Question of Honour

Ozric Tentacles
Chewier (Live)

Age Of Nemesis
Tree Of Life

Michael Lee Firkins - In the Studio; In Progress - Brand New iTunes EP

Alex Skolnick Trio - Mercury Retrograde - EP - iTunes Exclusive Tracks

Magna Carta Guitar Greats Vol. 1 review:

Alex Skolnick Interview

Derdian - New Era Part II: War Of The Gods
“New Era Part II” is the next installment in the Derdian saga.

When Derdian formed in 1998, they didn’t know that their thrash metal cover band would become a platform for creating a mythological world filled with heroes and villains. Their first album New Era Part I released in 2005 was met with great success in the band’s native Italy as well as the rest of Europe. The “New Era” was only the first installment in a series of albums which will show the unfolding of events surrounding the people of Derdian, a legendary fortress.

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