Bill Cutler - Crossing the line
Bill Cutler – “Crossng the Line”
You may have heard about it, or read about it. Now, finally, after three decades, hear it for yourself -- in all of its glory -- legendary San Francisco guitarist/producer Bill Cutler’s solo debut, Crossing the Line.

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Bill cutler on the Grateful dead hour 3/31

Bill Cutler will be the guest on the Grateful Dead Hour on March 31st with David Gans to discuss his album "Crossing the Line"

Check the website for a list of stations in your area that carry the show, listen to a full hour interview and 5 tracks from the album on one of the 100 radio stations across the country currently running

Grateful Dead Hour

Grateful Dead Hour playlist and program notes, and other news you can use, on the David Gans/GD Hour blog: Cloud Surfing. You can post your comments, questions, and requests there, too.

Cloud Surfing

Grateful Dead Hour shows from the archive: a new one posted every Wednesday morning on DeadNet. Click on "Features" to find 'em.



Bill Cutler with Jerry Garcia as a sideman

Bill Cutler received a good write-up from
Janet Ritz on the Huffington Post:

A few years ago, while visiting a friend, San Francisco singer-songwriter/producer, Bill Cutler, I noticed a stack of two inch reels in an open closet and asked him about them.

"Oh," he continued down the hall, "those are some of my songs I recorded with Jerry Garcia."

I looked back at the large stack of large multi-track tapes and then followed my friend down the hall and called after him, "Uh, Bill?"

Bill Cutler will be a guest on David Gans' radio show on Feb 9th.

"David Gans wants me as a guest next Saturday at 1:00pm on the annual "Grateful Dead Hour Marathon". It's a live broadcast from KPFA in Berkeley that runs from 9:00am to 1:00am, with various musicians from the Dead scene coming in as special guests during the show.. It has a huge audience. It's picked up by all the stations that carry the Dead Hour and a number of web broadcasters as well. David wants me to talk about the history of the record, preview a few tracks, etc...sort of following up on the original show we taped in 1993."

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