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Tracklist for the 2007 Sampler(MP3 Format)

01 dUg pinnick - Life Is What You Make It (Strum Sum Up, MA-9094)
02 Liquid Trio Experiment - Hot Rod (Spontaneous Combustion, MA-9060)
03 Jordan Rudess - Piece Of The Pi (The Road Home, MA-9092)
04 Shadow Gallery - Mystery (Shadow Gallery Prime Cuts, MA-1011)
05 Derdian (Medley) (New Era, Pt 2 - The War Of The Gods, MA-9091)
06 Khallice - I've Lost My Faith (The Journey, MA-9089)
07 Age Of Nemesis - Tree Of Life (Terra Incognita, MA-9088)
08 Anthropia - Question Of Honor (Video Edit) (The Ereyn Chronicles, MA-9087)
09 Ozric Tentacles - Jelly Lips (The Floor’s Too Far Away, MA-9085)
10 Magna Carta Guitar Greats Medley (Magna Carta Guitar Greats, MA-1012)
11 Jordan Mancino - AHHH...The Fadeout (Drum Nation, Vol 3, MA-9086)
12 School Of The Arts - No Time Flat (School Of The Arts, MT-2315)
13 Michael Lee Firkins - One Big Punch (Blacklight Sonatas, MT-2306)
14 Oz Noy - Which Way Is Up (Fuzzy, MT-2314)
15 Alex Skolnick Trio - Mercury Retrograde (Last Day In Paradise, MT-2312)
16 Tishamingo - Are We Rollin’ (The Point, MT-2311)