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The Tracks We Leave

Red Zone Rider
Vinnie Moore
Kelly Keeling
Scot Coogan

Entropy Of The Century

Pinnick Gales Pridgen

Bozzio Levin Stevens
"Black Light Syndrome"
Double Vinyl

Dave Martone / Glen Drover
"Live At Metalworks"

Points North
Road Less Traveled

Video of the Week

Tempest "Rattlin' Roarin' Willie"
Performance Video of Tempest in the wild performing a track from their new album, "The Tracks We Leave".

Tempest is:
Lief Sorbye Vocals, Mando Guitar, Acoustic & Electric Mandolines
Adolfo Lazo Drums
Gregory Jones Guitars
Kathy Buys Fiddle
Josh Fossgreen Bass

Video of the Week

MoeTar "Entropy Of The Century"
Performance Video of MoeTar in the studio performing the title track to 2014' "Entropy Of The Century" album.

MoeTar is:
Moorea Dickason - Vocals
Tarik Ragab - Bass
Matt Lebofsky - Keys
Matthew Heulitt - Guitar
David M Flores - Drums
Jonathan Herrera - Keyboards

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The Tracks We Leave
2015 Tour

Magna Carta delivers
   ...drum dynamite.