Vol 1 Features:
1. John Petrucci
2. Derek Trucks
3. Michael Romeo
4. Steve Stevens
5. Joe Satriani
6. Steve Lukather
7. Jake E Lee
8. Steve Morse
9. Vinnie Moore
10. George Lynch
11. Alex Skolnick

Vol 2 Features:
1. Steve Morse with School Of The Arts
2. Cameron Williams and Jess Franklin with Tishamingo
3. Alex Skolnick and Charlie Hunter
4. Michael Lee Firkins
5. Phil Upchurch with the Clinton Administration
6. Fareed Haque
7. Will Bernard with Robert Walter's 20th Congress
8. Frank Gambale with School Of The Arts
9. Oz Noy and Mike Stern
10. Charlie Hitchcock, Fareed Haque and Michael Lee Firkins with The Clinton Administration

It must have been difficult for Magna Carta’s Pete Morticelli to assemble this compilation of fine guitar driven performances. Probe him about his choices and he’ll divulge a tale about each of the creative aggregations featured on this album—aggregations that he fostered and nurtured. No question, to stand objectively, sometimes years after the fact, and single out ten tracks representative of the guitarist’s art must have been a chore—and a blast! Let’s look a little closer at each of these prime cuts.

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