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MA-9066 Tempest: Shapeshifter
With Shapeshifter, the band does indeed shift shape, breaking out from the British tradition to take in old American songs, while rocking as hard as ever.
MA-9083 Tempest: The Double-Cross
The Double-Cross is an album that rocks passionately on both instrumentals and vocal offerings, although there is never any doubt that Tempest's roots run deep on this fine addition to their catalog. Includes the pirate themed 'Captain Kidd', as well as fan-favorites 'Wizard's Walk'.
MA-9018 Tempest: The Gravel Walk
The Gravel Walk achieves a solid balance between their foundational classic '70s rock and folk influences. "Essentially, Tempest is a world-music band." Sorbye explained in his well-tamed Norwegian accent. "Even if we focus on Celtic and sometimes Scandinavian material, we pick up a variety of other ethnic influences. We have a Cuban drummer, and we've sort of been playing our own form of world music ever since day one.”
MA-9121 Tempest: The Tracls We Leave
Tempest were inspired by a Dakota Sioux proverb on the “The Tracks We Leave”, which has triple references to the environmental, spiritual and musical tracks we leave upon the world we live in.
MA-9007 Tempest: Turn Of The Wheel
Tempest's music is an amalgam of the ambitiousness of progressive rock, heavy metal bombast, and Celtic and Norwegian traditional music, as well as their myths. Keith Emerson makes a quest keyboard appearance on 'The Barrow Man'.
MA-1001 Terry Bozzio: Prime Cuts
Features a brand new solo track recorded just for this collection, and a previously unreleased song from the sessions for "Black Light Syndrome". Bonus Video: 15 minute Interview with Terry Bozzio discussing his start Video as a drummer, his audition with Frank Zappa and beyond.
MA-9804 The Lonely Bears: The Lonely Bears
In 1990, after having recorded the Grammy Award-winning album Guitar Shop with Jeff Beck, drummer Terry Bozzio and keyboardist Tony Hymas met in France to jam with guitarist Hugh Burns and sax player, Tony Coe. The results were three albums of boundary stretching improvisational music which encompassed styles ranging from fusion, folk, ethnic and world beat.
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MA-9805 The Lonely Bears: Injustice
Tony Hymas is a composer and performer whose talents straddle the world of classical and popular music, best known in the US for his work with Jeff Beck and Terry Bozzio on the Guitar Shop album. Tony is recognized by many keyboard aficionados as a master of his instrument as well as a brilliant songwriter. His contributions to the Lonely Bears include virtuoso keyboard soloing, while his songs are melodically and rhythmically challenging.
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MA-9806 The Lonely Bears: The Bears Are Running
Hugh Burns has been a major guitar figure on the European studio scene for some time. He has worked with major artists from Gerry Rafferty (the incredible guitar solo on "Baker Street") to Paul McCartney. Tony Coe has a sax sound that is instantly identifiable and has performed with everyone from Frank Sinatra to Quincy Jones to George Harrison.
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MT-2311 Tishamingo: The Point
“feelings from the studio are very, very rock n roll a la early Aerosmith, Zeppelin and ZZ Top” says drummer, Richard Proctor. Produced by multi-Platinum producer, John Kurzweg, known for his work with Creed and Puddle of Mudd.
MT-2304 Tishamingo: Wear N' Tear
The Tallahassee-bred, Athens, GA-based quartet Tishamingo make their way through sonic tributes to heroes of yore like ZZ Top, Black Sabbath and Jimi Hendrix they do a credible job. Opening with "Wastin' Time," a Deep Purple-inspired, organ fed vibe collides with riffs that clearly resemble the Allman Brothers Band.
MA-1002 Tony Levin: Prime Cuts
Tony Levin track exclusive to this CD; Previously unreleased Bozzio Levin track, "T & T Vignette". Bonus MP3: Bozzio Levin Stevens Jam, "Roadside America Medley" from "Black Light Syndrome" Sessions.
MA-9078 Totalasti: Slave To None
With influences as diverse as Demon Hunter, Extol, Tool, Rush, Dream Theater, Korn and Incubus, it is no surprise that Totalisti have created a surging, provocative, pounding yet expertly constructed and detailed record.
MA-9041 Under The Sun: Under The Sun
California's art rock band Under The Sun formed in the late '80s and features singer/guitarist/percussionist Chris Shyrack, bassist Kurt Barabas, keyboardist Matt Evidon, and drummer Paul Shkut. Heavily influenced by Yes, Rush, Dream Theater, and other cinematic, progressive-rock bands
MA-9026 V/A: Encores, Lengends & Paradox - ELP Tribute
Features performances by: Peter Banks, Martin Barre, Robert Berry, Marc Bonilla, Geoff Downes, Trent Gardner, Wayne Gardner, Jerry Goodman, Matt Guillory, Glenn Hughes, Igor Khoroshev, James LaBrie, Pat Mastelotto, Erik Norlander, John Novello, Doane Perry, Simon Phillips, Mike Portnoy, Mark Robertson, Jordan Rudess, Derek Sherinian, John Wetton, & Mark Wood.
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MT-2318 V/A: Jam On Guitars
Magnatude Records has captured performances by some of the leading lights in the Jam Band field. Music from blues to folk to jazz and back to hard rock are intertwined, combined and refined. Featuring performances by: Steve Morse, Jake Cinninger, Alex Skolnick, Jerry Garcia, Charlie Hitchcock, Fareed Haque, Charlie Hunter, Oz Noy, Mike Stern, Michael Lee Firkins, Will Bernard, Mark Karan, Ed Wynne.
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MA-1012 V/A: Magna Carta Guitar Greats
Featuring performances by John Petrucci, Derek Trucks, Michael Romeo, Steve Stevens, Joe Satriani, Steve Lukather, Jake E Lee, Steve Morse, Vinnie Moore, George Lynch and Alex Skolnick.
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MA-1101 V/A: Magna Carta Guitar Greats Volume 2
Featuring performances: Steve Morse with School Of The Arts; Cameron Williams and Jess Franklin with Tishamingo; Alex Skolnick and Charlie Hunter; Michael Lee Firkins; Phil Upchurch with the Clinton Administration; Fareed Haque; Will Bernard with Robert Walter's 20th Congress; Frank Gambale with School Of The Arts; Oz Noy and Mike Stern; Charlie Hitchcock, Fareed Haque and Michael Lee Firkins with The Clinton Administration
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MA-9102 V/A: Prog Around The World
Magna Carta Records has gone where few dared tread by compiling some of the most wicked prog rock this side of the Pleiades. From Israel to Hungary, America to Sweden, the only thing more diverse than the musicians on this record is the music itself.
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MA-9011 V/A: Steinway To Heaven
Featuring: Keith Emerson, Rick Wakeman, Jordan Rudess, Chuck Leavell, Chris Ingles, David Bryan, Patrick Moraz, Brian Auger, Mark Robertson, Tony Hymas, Dizzy Reed. Well known and well respected rock keyboardists performing classical pieces.
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