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MT-2315 School Of The Arts: School Of The Arts
T Lavitz (Dixie Dregs, Jazz Is Dead) Dave Weckl (Chick Corea) John Patitucci (Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter) Frank Gambale (Chick Corea, Vital Information) Jerry Goodman (Mahavishnu Orchestra, Shadowfax, Dixie Dregs) Steve Morse (Dixie Dregs, Deep Purple) Cutting-edge compositions, beautiful sinuous melodies, and massive chops make School of the Arts (SOTA) a truly rare confluence of influences and musical styles, pushing jazz and jazz-fusion into another dimension.
MA-2002 Shadow Gallery: Double Feature
A specially priced Limited Edition 2 CD set of the first 2 albums by progressive rock band Shadow Gallery: "Shadow Gallery" and "Carved In Stone"
MA-9047 Shadow Gallery: Legacy
The songwriting on this disc is impeccable, as are both the performances and the production. There are plenty of metal influences, but there are also lots of moments that are much more closely tied to classic progressive rock.
MA-1011 Shadow Gallery: Prime Cuts
Shadow Gallery was known as one of the leaders of the progressive metal scene of the 1990’s. Prime Cuts features eleven tracks hand-selected by the band from their previous four albums and a special previously unreleased twelfth track.
MA-0002 Shadow Gallery: Shadow Gallery
Shadow Gallery made a name for themselves during the early 1990s by helping to create and expand the progressive metal scene. This is the album that started it all, originally only released in Japan and Europe. Includes the epic 17-minute 'The Queen of the City of Ice'.
MA-9016 Shadow Gallery: Tyranny
Shadow Gallery's third album is a concept album about a defense worker's search for meaning after becoming disenchanted with his job. Guest vocalists James LaBrie of Dream Theater and DC Cooper of Royal Hunt add their talents to this album. Everything on the album is well written, performed and produced. "Tyranny" is an album that flows so well that it's difficult to think of songs individually.
MA-9001 Shadow Gallery: Carved In Stone
The follow-up to Shadow Gallery is a progressive rock masterpiece. The album concludes with the 22-minute "Ghostship," which gives Shadow Gallery a chance to shine as musicians.
MA-9084 Speakers For The Dead: Prey For Muder
a hardcore screamer on vocals who isn't afraid to show his sensitive/melodic side for the chorus, a guitarist who specializes in rubbery riffs, and a drummer who was raised on Slayer-like rhythms.
MA-9042 Steve Morse: Major Impacts
A fascinating project here as Steve plays each of these 11 instrumental tunes in the style of a different guitarist and/or band who was influential on his own technique. From obvious six-string heroes Clapton, Page, Hendrix, and Jeff Beck to more obscure ones like Mountain's Leslie West, Mahavishnu Orchestra's John McLaughlin, the Byrds' Roger McGuinn, with stops at George Harrison, Duane Allman, and Keith Richards.
MA-9070 Steve Morse: Major Impacts 2
Revisiting the concept of the first Major Impacts, Vol. 2 really shows what a versatile player Morse is, and why he's been a member of bands as disparate as the Dixie Dregs and Deep Purple. This time around playing homage and evoking artists such as Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young; Yardbirds/British Invasion Hollies/Small Faces; the Who; ELP; Genesis; Bach; Lynyrd Skynyrd; Aerosmith; Spirit/Deep Purple/Ted Nugent; ZZ Top.
MA-9058 Steve Morse Band: Split Decision
It's reassuring to know that there's still room for wild, jamming, and magnificently noisy projects whose tough-minded edges guitar students can drool over. Together with his steadfast collaborators bassist Dave LaRue and drummer Van Romaine, the SMB continues to amplify the interactive musical capabilities of the rock power trio.
MA-1003 Steve Morse: Prime Cuts
Steve Morse Prime Cuts collects several standout recordings that the guitarist played on for Magna Carta. Includes bonus video interview. A simply shredding rendition of Rush's never-ending instrumental "La Villa Strangiato," as well as some nifty acoustic guitar on Yes' "The Clap." Tracks such as "Heightened Awareness" and "Busybodies" are indeed worthy showcases of Morse's vast guitar talents.
MA-1015 Steve Morse: Prime Cuts 2
For a potpourri of modern-day Morse, Prime Cuts, Vol. 2 is certainly worth a listen collecting standouts from recordings he's done over the years for the Magna Carta. Contains some technique-heavy six-string work, especially on such tracks as "Zig Zags" and "Portrait," and a tribute to the undisputed forefathers of prog metal, Rush, with a reading of "Red Barchetta" (which features Dream Theater vocalist James LaBrie behind the mike).
MA-9095 Steve Stevens: Memory Crash
Billy Idol guitarist's mix of progressive rock and hard rock. With guests Dug Pinnick and Brian Tichy. The mostly instrumental album certainly showcases Stevens' instrumental prowess, you'll find a tune that would make Joe Satriani proud, "Hellcats Take the Highway," a kickarse cover of Robin Trower's "Day of the Eagle" (which features a cameo by Doug Pinnick of King's X on vocals).
MA-9043 Steve Walsh: Glossolalia
This is an exploratory collection of songs that range from the metallic title track (thanks to Mike Slamer's explosive guitar playing) to the aggressive dance number "Heart Attack" and periodic progressive and symphonic themes that parallels those of his main band.
MA-9064 Stripsearch: Stripsearch
Josh Freese (A Perfect Circle, The Vandals) on drums, Michael Ward (Wallflowers) on guitar. and bass player Michael Elizondo (Dr. Dre, Eminem) combine to create percussion-driven, psychedelic, brain crushing sounds.
MA-9104 Tempest: Another Dawn
Tempest have been on the road for 20 years, but they still mange to make their music -- a blend of Celtic, Norwegian, British, and American folk and good ol' rock & roll -- sound fresh. Includes a Celtodelic reinvention of the Grass Roots hit "Let's Live for Today"
RED 7"
Tempest: 'Let's Live For Today / Beaumont Rag' -- 7" Vinyl Single
Tempest’s rousing rendition of “Let’s Live For Today” couldn’t have come at a better time. Amid global and domestic concerns, “Let’s Live For Today” is extraordinary music for extraordinary times. Vocalist Lief Sorbye’s evocative, slightly Norwegian accented delivery recalls perfectly all the mixed emotions and complexities of the original while capturing the uncertainty and joys of our modern and turbulent world. The non-album B-side is a Traditional Texas Swing tune named after the town of Beaumont, Texas.
Red Splattered Vinyl Single (300 copies pressed)
BLK 7"
Tempest: 'Let's Live For Today / Beaumont Rag' -- 7" Vinyl Single

Black Vinyl Single (50 copies pressed)
Tempest: 'Let's Live For Today / Beaumont Rag' -- MP3s

Digital Version
MA-9034 Tempest: 10th Anniversary
For this ten-year retrospective, the band rearranged and re-recorded some of their fans' favorite songs, which include some great instrumentals and a bunch of very-good traditional and original numbers.
MA-9053 Tempest: Balance
With a keen sense of traditional Celtic and Norwegian music, Tempest is a rock band that prefers to pepper its songs with those influences and not vice versa.
MA-1014 Tempest: Prime Cuts
A collection of favorites from their Magna Carta releases, and some rarities mixed in for good measure. Comes with a DVD of live performances from over the Years.