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MA-9039 James LaBrie: Mullmuzzler 1 - Keep It To Yourself
James LaBrie of Dream Theater, Matt Guillory, Trent Gardner, Mike Mangini, Mike Keneally, Mike Borkosky, Brian Beller. The result is a banquet of purifying rock, some of it slamming in a Zeppelin frame of mind, some of it reminiscent of Queen, some of it simply the most elegant classic rock you will ever hear.
MA-0911 Jordan Rudess: 4NYC
Jordan's solo album 4NYC was released in April of 2002 and is dedicated to the city of New York. This includes pieces from the concert that took place on September 25, 2001, and studio recordings that took place right after the tragedies of September 11th 2001.
MA-9055 Jordan Rudess: Feeding The Wheel
Features guest musicians Terry Bozzio on drums, Billy Sheehan on Bass, guitarists Steve Morse and John Petrucci, Vocalist Barry Carl, Violinist Mark Wood and Eugene Freisen on Cello.
MA-9068 Jordan Rudess: Rhythm Of Time
Jordan's 2004 solo album featuring Rod Morgenstein, Joe Satriani, Steve Morse, Vinnie Moore, Greg Howe, Dave Larue and guest vocals by Kip Winger.
MA-9092 Jordan Rudess: The Road Home
For "The Road Home" Jordan decided to cover a handful of the prog rock classics that inspired him the most. ELP, Genesis, YES, Gentle Giant and King Crimson all get the full on Rudess treatment. With help from Nick D'Virgilio, Rod Morgenstein, Neal Morse, Steven Wilson, Ed Wynne, Bumblefoot and Kip Winger
MA-1007 Jordan Rudess: Prime Cuts
Featuring Performances by: Robert Berry, Marc Bonilla, Terry Bozzio, Jerry Goodman, Tony Levin, Rod Morgenstein, John Petrucci, Simon Phillips Mike Portnoy, Kip Winger, Mark Wood. Exclusive tracks: 2 previously unreleased duets with Jordan and Kip Winger. CD is enhanced with bonus video “In The Studio With Jordan Rudess”.
MA-9050 Kansas: Somewhere To Elsewhere
Kansas' 2000 album is notable as the first recording by the original six members in almost 20 years. Joining vocalist Steve Walsh, guitarist Richard Williams, vocalist/violinist Robby Steinhardt, longtime bassist Billy Greer, and drummer Phil Ehart are original guitarist/keyboardist Kerry Livgren and original bassist Dave Hope. Livgren wrote all ten songs.
MA-9089 Khallice: The Journey
Brazilian progressive metal band Khallice influenced by bands such as Rush, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple. 
MA-9098 Kris Norris Projekt: Icons of the Illogical
Former Darkest Hour guitaist's first full-fledged solo record, is a collection largely composed of scorching and subversive progressive metal instrumentals. With 2 vocals by Lamb of God’s Randy Blythe.
MA-3098 Kris Norris Projekt: The Ghostly Shell - EP
Kris Norris (former lead guitarist with Darkest Hour). with Randy Blythe - (Lamb Of God) vocals on "Ghostly Shell Removal" Dave Gibson - Drums, Dave Fugman - Bass, Cory Smoot of GWAR recorded, co-produced and mixed the record at his studio Karma Productions in Virginia. Includes non-album instrumental version of 'Ghostly Shell Removal'
MA-9107 K2: Black Garden
K2 features Ken Jaquess on bass, Josh Gleason on vocals, Karl Johnson on guitar, Ryo Okumoto [Spocks Beard] on keys, and Doug Sanborn on Drums. An instant Prog classic influenced by Genesis, Yes, ELP.
MA-9015 Lemur Voice: Insights
First class performances from vocalist Gregoor van der Loo and guitarist Marcel Coenen allow Lemur Voice to produce a highly sophisticated and rich sounding album. Nathan van de Wouw whose ability on the drums is obvious in leading the band through its complex arrangements. Barend Tromp plays rock solid, melodic bass lines while Franck Faber contributes lush keyboard textures.
MA-9029 Leonardo: The Absolute Man
Leonardo - The Absolute Man is a reasoned, selective re-telling of the life of a great man, Leonardo da Vinci, the ultimate Renaissance man. Featuring James LaBrie, Davey Pattison, Lisa Bouchelle, Mike Baker, Robert Berry, Steve Walsh
MA-9105 Levi / Werstler: Avalanche of Worms
A commanding sonic statement from the the partnership of Daath's Eyal Levi and Emil Werstler. with drummer Sean Reinert (Cynic, ex-Death).
MA-9093 Lief Sorbye: Lief's Birthday Bash
Lief celebrating his Birthday in style performing live with Caliban, Golden Bough and Tempest.
MA-9023 Liquid Tension Experiment: Liquid Tension Experiment
Tony Levin - Bass (Peter Gabriel, King Crimson), Mike Portnoy - Drums (Dream Theater), Jordan Rudess - Keyboards (Dream Theater, Dregs), John Petrucci - Guitar (Dream Theater)
MA-9035 Liquid Tension Experiment: Liquid Tension Experiment 2
Tony Levin - Bass (Peter Gabriel, King Crimson), Mike Portnoy - Drums (ex-Dream Theater), Jordan Rudess - Keyboards (Dream Theater, Dregs), John Petrucci - Guitar (Dream Theater) Return to the studio.
MA-9060 Liquid Trio Experiment: Spontaneous Combustion
Tony Levin - Bass (Peter Gabriel, King Crimson), Mike Portnoy - Drums (ex-Dream Theater), Jordan Rudess - Keyboards (Dream Theater, Dregs). The 'Waiting For John' sessions.
MA-2001 Magellan: Double Feature
A specially priced 2 CD set of the first 2 albums by progressive rock band Magellan. "Hour Of Restoration" and "Impending Ascension"
MA-0001 Magellan: Hour Of Restoration
Magellan's first album, Hour Of Restoration, released in 1991. Trent and Wayne Gardner and joined by Hal Stringfellow Imbrie on this progressive metal debut. Includes the 14 minute long opus: 'Magna Carta', about the signing of this historic document. The influences of Rush, Yes, and Kansas are marbled throughout Magellan's Hour of Restoration
MA-9045 Magellan: Hundred Year Flood
The group is composed of Trent Gardner, Wayne Gardner, and Joe Franco. Together with some notable guests (Ian Anderson and Tony Levin), they have produced a CD that both captures elements of classic progressive rock and carves out its own niche in the musical landscape.
MA-1080 Magellan: Impending Ascension
Magellan's Impending Ascension is a truly great progressive rock work. Following the same formula as the previous Hour of Restoration, Impending Ascension features better, more consistent songwriting and a harder-edged sound
MA-9008 Magellan: Test Of Wills
After seemingly finding their niche with Impending Ascension, Magellan changed their style with the follow-up, Test of Wills. The lyrics changed from historical to self-reliance-based. And the songs are performed more around a guitar riff than a melody. There is plenty of experimentation and new ideas here