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MT-2320 Dave Martone - "Nacimiento"
"Nacimiento" means birth or beginning. For Dave Martone, that means returning to his musical roots and revisiting his love of the nylon string guitar. The acoustic nylon string guitar has a warm, organic sound which fits the passion of the flamenco style on Dave’s new album. Dave brings his sense of style and musical energy to familiar movie and television tunes such as “Spider-Man”, “Rocky” and “The Godfather”; as well as hard rock favorites with Aerosmith’s “Dream On” and Europe’s “The Final Countdown”. Dave also performs guitar standards such as “Classical Gas”, “Maria Elena” and “Malagueña”. And, even Boney M’s lush disco classic “Rasputin” gets the flamenco treatment.
MA-9115 Dave Martone / Glen Drover - "Live At Metalworks"
“Live At Metalworks” captures audio/video performances by Dave Martone and Glen Drover which were streamed live over the internet on September 25, 2011. This show was viewed by over 25,000 people in over 63 countries around the World.
Audio CD with bonus DVD (Region Free NTSC DVD). The DVD includes both complete sets, as well as bonus video which was never broadcast before.
MA-9069 David Lee Roth: Diamond Dave
One of the greatest frontmen in Rock'n'Roll history, Van Halen lead man David Lee Roth delivers his highly anticipated new CD. with Ray Luzier, James Lomenzo, Edgar Winter, Nile Rodgers.
MA-9091 Derdian: New Era Part II - War of the Gods
Italian progressive metal band unleash their concept albums in the style of Dragon Force, Rhapsody. Part Two of the epic "New Era".
MA-9103 Derdian: New Era Part III - The Apocalypse
“New Era Part III: The Apocalypse”: The final chapter of the saga refines the Derdian style of mixing thrash metal with symphonic compositions.
MA-9036 Derek Sherinian: Planet X
Keyboardist from Alice Cooper and Dream Theater delivers an inspiring return to progressive rock values. With Virgil Donati, Tony Franklin and Brett Garsed.
MA-9086 Drum Nation: Vol III
Exclusive tracks from some of the great Metal drummers. Jordan Mancino, Chris Adler, Jeremy Colson, Justin Foley, Jason Bittner, Kenneth Schalk, Joe Nunez, Tom Taitano, Chris Pennie, Derek Roddy, Raanen Bozzio, Michael Justice
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MA-9076 Drum Nation: Vol II
A collection from Magna Carta releases of some of the great drummers, including Mike Portnoy, Pat Mastelotto, Dennis Chambers, Terry Bozzio, Clyde Stubblefield, Virgil Donati, Tim Alexander, Keith Carlock, Rod Morgenstein, Simon Phillips, Josh Freese, Anton Fig, Stanton Moore.
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MA-9065 Modern Drummer Presents Drum Nation: Vol I
Exclusive tracks from some of the greatest drummers of all time, including Terry Bozzio, Bill Bruford's Earthworks, Steve Smith And Zakir Hussain, Chad Wackerman, Stanton Moore, Simon Phillips, Josh Freese, Rod Morgestein, Tim Alexander And Brain, Marco Minnemann, Stephen Perkins And Brooks Wackerman.
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MA-9079 Dug Pinnick: Emotional Animal
King's X bassist/vocalist's solo debut of all original material. Dug perfoms all the vocals and instruments himself, with a little help from Joy Gaskill (drums)and Kelly Watson (vocals).
MA-9094 Dug Pinnick: Strum Sum Up
King's X bassist/vocalist's 2nd solo album. Featured Guests: Wally Farkas, David Henning, Alain Johannes, Miles Loretta, Ray Luzier, Michael Parnin, Kellii Scott, Hal Sparks, Steve Stevens, Natasha Shneider, Michele Zaccone, Maylin Pultar & Charity Lomax.
MA-3094 Dug Pinnick: Angel - EP
Single from King's X bassist/vocalist's 2nd solo album. The song 'Blind' is not on the "Strum Sum Up" album.
MA-9006 Enchant: A Blueprint Of The World
Challenging and technically intriguing music played with muscle and authority is an apt description of this San Francisco area band's style. With apparent influences from bands such as Dream Theater, Rush, Kansas, Queensryche and Marillion – in fact Steve Rothery from Marillion produced many of the cuts on the album – Enchant still generates its own distinct sound.
MA-9020 Enchant: Wounded
Enchant is one of the more pop-oriented bands from the Magna Carta label. They sound like a combination of Toto, Kansas, and Marillion; Ted Leonard is a dead ringer for Kansas' Steve Walsh on vocals. Douglas Ott is a fine guitarist whose influences seem to be more from fusion and rock than heavy metal.
MA-9100 Ethan Brosh: Out Of Oblivion
Ethan's debut features all original compositions by this guitar shredder, also features Mike Mangini (Dream Theater, MullMuzler) on drums and guest appearances by George Lynch, Greg Howe, Joe Stump and the art work of Derek Riggs (Iron Maiden).
MA-9046 Explorers Club: Raising The Mammoth
Once again, Trent Gardner has assembled a plethora of progressive rock musicians to produce an album under the heading of Explorer's Club. This time, the notable participants include drumming legend Terry Bozzio (UK, Frank Zappa, Bozzio Levin Stevens), bassist John Myung (Dream Theater), Kerry Livgren (Kansas), Gary Wehrkamp (Shadow Gallery) and keyboardist Mark Robertson (Cairo). Marty Friedman (best known for his work as guitarist in Megadeth) also makes his presence known.
MA-9021 Explorers Club: Age Of Impact
This is another of the supergroup combinations from the Magna Carta label and is the brainchild of Trent Gardner of Magellan. It features Terry Bozzio (Frank Zappa) on drums, Billy Sheehan (Talas) on bass, and the soloing of John Petrucci (Dream Theater). There are also several other guest musicians, such as Steve Howe (Yes) and James LaBrie (Dream Theater). It is one of the more intelligent and diverse progressive albums to emerge during the '90s.
MT-2307 Fareed Haque: Cosmic Hug
Haque's work on various guitars (which include an electric guitar, a steel string guitar, a classical guitar and a sitar guitar) is very fluent, sometimes heated and quite creative within the boundaries of this music. Fans of early fusion and of Haque's guitarwork will find much to enjoy on this creative and grooving set of original music.
MA-9108 Glen Drover: Metalusion
Glen is best known for his precision and power playing with headbanger icons Megadeth. The instrumental, 10-track Metalusion, featuring five original compositions and metallic- edged interpretations of material composed by musical giants Frank Zappa, Al DiMeola and Jean-Luc Ponty. Special guests include guitarist Jeff Loomis, Fredrik Åkesson, Steve Smyth, Chris Poland and Vinnie Moore
MA-6108 Glen Drover: Colors Of Infinity (Live At Metalworks)
Glen Drover "Live At Metalworks" during Webcast presented by Magna Carta Records on September 25, 2011. Features Glen Drover - Guitar; Jim Gilmour - Keyboards; Paul Yee - Bass; Chris Sutherland - Drums. Seen by 25,000+ people in 64 countries.
MA-3108 Glen Drover: Ground Zero
Includes a special alternative non-album version of 'Ground Zero' with new solos from Glen Drover and Jim Gilmour.
MA-9099 Guitars That Ate My Brain
Guitars That Ate My Brain", a dozen mind-altering instrumentals from today's most accomplished metal axe grinders. Paul Waggoner, Kris Norris, Dave Martone, Ron Thal, Eyal Levi and Emil Werstler, Shane Gibson, Devin Townsend, Chris Poland, Ola Frenning and Christofer Malmström, Mike Orlando, James Murphy, Hugues Lefebvre and Yann Mouhad.
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MA-9077 Hideous Sun Demons: Hideous Sun Demons
Formed by longtime David Lee Roth drummer, Ray Luzier, the band began to take shape when Japanese guitarist, Toshi Hiketa, was brought on board. DLR bassist, James Lomenzo, became interested in the project and the three players began to write material together.
MA-2004 Ice Age: Double Feature
A specially priced Limited Edition 2 CD set of the first 2 albums by progressive rock band Ice Age. "The Great Divide" and "Liberation"
MA-9028 Ice Age: The Great Divide
In this verdant, vibrant age of progressive metal, it's quite the treat to hear a band stride confidently forth with more of a nimble, traditionally progressive rock approach, Ice Age thenceforth advancing past the masters, into often overlooked tones from bands like Styx, Kansas, Saga, even Journey.
MA-9051 Ice Age: Liberation
Liberation builds on the same firm grounds, taking the progressive metal outfit a bit closer to progressive than metal. Actually, it would be better to call it "power prog" since the music on this CD shares affinities with Kansas, Styx, Rush, Queensryche.
MA-1008 James LaBrie: Prime Cuts
Featuring Performances by Terry Bozzio, Mike Keneally, Mike Mangini, Steve Morse, John Myung, John Novello, John Petrucci, Mike Portnoy, Billy Sheehan. Alternate versions of 'Afterlife' and 'Shores Of Avalon'.
MA-9056 James LaBrie: Mullmuzzler 2
James LaBrie, Matt Guillory, Trent Gardner, Mike Mangini, Mike Keneally, Mike Borkosky, Brian Beller return with an album is ultimately comprised of remarkably torrid ballads, traditional grinding prog metal and buoyant post-prog.