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MANIFESTO FOR FUTURISM (released May 18, 1999)

01 – Within a Stare (mp3 or realaudio)
02 – Miracles in Yesteryear (mp3 or realaudio)
03 – Despite the Wave (mp3 or realaudio)
04 – Whispers (mp3 or realaudio)
05 – Ashen Days (mp3 or realaudio)
06 – Andromeda Sunrise (mp3 or realaudio)
07 – This Time Around (mp3 or realaudio)
08 – Hills of Memory (mp3 or realaudio)
09 – Can't You See (mp3 or realaudio)
10 – Livin' in Fear (mp3)

Manifesto for Futurism is in stores now. Order direct from Magna Carta!

Manifesto for Futurism

Catalog # : MA-9024-2
Price : $16.98

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