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Tony Hymas is best known for his work with Jeff Beck on the Grammy-winning Guitar Shop album, and on many world tours as a cornerstone of Jeff's live band. Oyaté with its striking blend of Native American music and European jazz showcases Tony's talents as a composer and arranger.

Oyaté is a tribute to twelve great Native American Indian Chiefs. Great European rock and jazz performers such as Jeff Beck, Mike Cooper, Hugh Burns and Tony Coe (both of The Lonely Bears) join together with Native American luminaries like John Trudell, Carlos Nakai, Barney Bush, and Kevin Locke, to honor the spirits of Crazy Horse, Chief Joseph, Captain Jack, Geronimo, Sitting Bull and seven other great chiefs who contributed to the spiritual and political leadership of their tribes.

From the signature guitar sound of Jeff Beck on "Crazy Horse" to the gentle piano of Tony Hymas on "Say Tey Ti" to the inspiring flute of Kevin Locke on "Chief Song" (written by Sitting Bull), Oyaté rewards listeners with a variety of musical textures. The mixture of rock, jazz, modern classical and folk music will keep the attention of the listener as a serious musical concept, as well as an enjoyable listening experience.

Lyrics by John Trudell, Barney Bush and Tom Bee will provoke thought and discussion of the fate of the Indian tribes which were lead by these twelve great chiefs. Oyaté presents stories with insight into the lives of actual human beings who have survived great tragedy, and come out of it with a positive, spiritual attitude.

Oyaté is an album which can appeal to a broad spectrum of sophisticated music lovers.

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Tony Hymas

Catalog # : PSR-9802-2
Price : $20.98

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