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Steve Walsh is one of America's consummate vocal treasures; that status is assured. But he is also a man that is a true creator, an artist, a shaper of sounds and an almost literary, cinematic portrayer of life's terrains. Walsh has seen many of these terrains, from vantage points above, below and perceptively within, and his ability to bring them to life for his listeners is a gift of sensory completeness.

Glossolalia, the man's first solo album in two decades, focuses years of hard-fought rock 'n' roll wisdom, creating a canvas that mirrors this ability to look at all strata and indeed all time, and make sense out of a life that can often be seen as surreal and meaningless.

Steve Walsh's primary gallery has of course been that enigmatic progressive rock collective known as Kansas. As lead vocalist and keyboardist for all but three years of the band's twenty-year existence, Walsh is the expression behind such hits as 'Carry On My Wayward Son', 'Dust In The Wind' (recently recast with the London Symphony Orchestra), and 'Point Of Know Return', taking records like Song For America, Masque, Leftoverture, and Monolith to stadiums all over the world, gold and platinum accolades flowing despite the cerebral quality of the band's ouevre. Add to this two records with tough rock act Streets, a well-regarded solo album called Schemer Dreamer, as well as a Kansas reunion album later this year, and Walsh emerges behind Kerry Livgren's shadow as an equal in both the creation of the Kansas sound, and in extra-curricular artistic accomplishment.

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Catalog # : MA-9043-2
Price : $16.98

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