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Terry Bozzio - drums, percussion
Tony Hymas - keyboards
Tony Coe - sax, clarinet
Hugh Burns - guitar

The Lonely Bears may be the best group you never heard of. Yet, the players in the band are well known within their musical domains. Each has accomplished numerous notable achievements in their respective careers. The music which they have created as The Lonely Bears is artistically innovative and stimulating to both mind and body.

In 1990, after having recorded the Grammy Award-winning album Guitar Shop with Jeff Beck, drummer Terry Bozzio and keyboardist Tony Hymas met in France to jam with guitarist Hugh Burns and sax player, Tony Coe. The results were three albums of boundary stretching improvisational music which encompassed styles ranging from fusion, folk, ethnic and world beat.

At the heart of this music is the remarkable percussion and drum work from Terry Bozzio. Having been named to Modern Drummer magazine's Hall Of Fame in 1997, Terry Bozzio continues to expand the boundaries of the traditional drum set drummer. From his 12 albums and many tours with Frank Zappa to his work with UK, the Brecker Brothers, and his innovative pop group Missing Persons, he has been involved in many wonderful musical experiences. Terry's melodic and compositional approach to the drums sets the tone for all of the Lonely Bears' recordings.

Tony Hymas is a composer and performer whose talents straddle the world of classical and popular music, best known in the US for his work with Jeff Beck and Terry Bozzio on the Guitar Shop album. Tony is recognized by many keyboard aficionados as a master of his instrument as well as a brilliant songwriter. His contributions to the Lonely Bears include virtuoso keyboard soloing, while his songs are melodically and rhythmically challenging.

Hugh Burns has been a major guitar figure on the European studio scene for some time. He has worked with major artists from Gerry Rafferty (the incredible guitar solo on "Baker Street") to Wham! and George Michael to Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney. Known for his taste as well as his technical prowess, Hugh gets the important studio calls. But he felt the need to spend some time creating special music with special people and The Lonely Bears were the ultimate opportunity for him.

Tony Coe has a sax sound that is instantly identifiable and has been heard by millions of people around the world. Tony has performed with everyone from Frank Sinatra to Quincy Jones to George Harrison. Tony Coe was looking for a musical adventure as well when the Lonely Bears situation presented itself. Tony's vast repertoire of folk melodies and ethnic influences found their way into his sax and clarinet performances and help to give the Lonely Bears their impossible-to-pinpoint sound.

The Lonely Bears

The Lonely Bears

The Bears Are Running