Members: Zoltan Kiss - Vocals, Gyorgy Nagy - Keyboards, Zoltan Fabian - Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, Sequencer Programming, Laszio Nagy - Drums, Csaba Berczelly - Bass, Acoustic Guitars

There is justice for those who persist with purity of vision. That’s the credo of Age of Nemesis, possibly one of the most musically satisfying bands to have emerged in the progressive metal genre. The wonder of it all is that Age of Nemesis comes to us from the mists of obscurity. Truly the odds were against a Hungarian band from the start, yet they pursued their craft, making a name for themselves across Europe. Now Magna Carta Records is about to take Age of Nemesis’ extraordinary repertoire to America and the rest of the world. Their album, Psychogeist, represents something new for 2006.

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ABRAXAS [Hungarian Version]
NEMESIS [Hungarian Version]
TERRA INCOGNITA [Hungarian Version]